Virtual Tour version 1

12 March 2021
Tort Museum virtual tour

Covid forced many museums to re-think how to bring in visitors. The American Museum of Tort Law (ever seen the movies Erin Brokoveich, The Insider or A Civil Action? If so you have some understanding of tort law.) is one of those museums. Last spring we started with a Zoom based interview series. The subscriber count has grown from 0 to over 350 since then. That’s not bad considering the subject matter is not mainstream and the interview subjects don’t have fan bases. Idea – Only Fans but for law professors.

The video series actually made the museum more relevant as they no longer had the benefit of waiting for people to pop in and visit. Now the staff has to actively engage and seek out it’s audience and supporters. It’s small today but growing nicely.

The physical museum has a lot of great exhibits with artwork done by people such as Pulitzer Prize winner Matt Weurker and a great overall experience designed by Eisterhold Associates (they are like the Tom Waits of museum design). When you have assets like that you want to keep them. So we made them virtual.

Version 1 is our first pass at allowing anyone to experience the tort museum online. You can learn about barrels falling out of windows, fly around a Corvair and, my personal favorite, let a kid tell you about their own dangerous toy experience.