Solutions for non-profits

We are focused on providing the best online tools for non-profits to improve supporter engagement and increase donations. Our aim is to provide hands-on support for non-profits with less than 100,000 supporters.

Tools for Non-Profits

Our approach is to take what you know and make it better.
We've enhanced WordPress to focus on the unique needs of non-profits.


Our easy to use site editor makes updating your WordPress site a breeze.


The basics + custom fields and integrations with Stripe, Mailchimp and more.


We integrate our CRM and forms into your Mailchimp account. Prefer something other than Mailchimp? We can accommodate that too.


We'll create custom donations forms to allow you to accept recurring and one-time donations.


You can call us anytime you need help. Yep. We have a phone number and we answer it.


We've created dozens of custom add-ons such as vehicle databases, online mentorship programs, congressional matching and virtual tours. If you can dream it, we can build it.

In addition to the above features we also provide 24/7 site monitoring, daily site backups, threat mitigation and go out of our way to make sure your site is really, really fast.

Pricing starts at $275/month

Get in touch and we'll set you up.

How do we compare to other non-profit solutions?

Experience Solutions

  • Transparent Monthly Fees

    We're not hiding the price or tying you into a yearly contract.

  • Not re-inventing the wheel

    We take the best of what's available and make it better.

  • Focused on small non-profits

    We only work with small non-profits so you are our priority.

Salsa Labs/Every Action

  • Good luck finding out the price

    The price is whatever they can get and you're locked in for a year.

  • Not for the small

    If you're not a large, well known non-profit good luck getting support.

  • Constant migration

    Salsa Labs just made their clients move to a new system and they are following that up by having them move again.


  • Requires Experts

    It's a cool opensource project but we have trouble getting it to work... and we're experts.

  • The price is right?

    Free is great but it doesn't include the cost of the army of consultant that are required to run it.