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Current Engagement

The Alliance for Excellent Education hired us to take over a custom application. Our first priority was triage - we cleaned up a lot of broken code and made vast improvements to the mobile experience. Phase 2 is expanding the application to enable staff to easily access the data they need.

A sample of past projects

Ralph Nader

Complete overhaul of consumer advocate's online presence. From books, to blogs to tweets Nader produces a lot of content that needs to be found quickly.

American Museum of Tort Law

Designed and delivered custom, responsive website on easy to use content management system with e-commerce component.


Greenpeace's global websites were like a ransom note. When we were done they became a global, unified voice.

Schools That Can

Upgraded Wordpress infrastructure and created custom, responsive theme.

Open Debates

Created custom Wordpress theme and designed logo for organization advocating for a more open Presidential debate process.


Designed 3 versions of account management system for 3rd party developers.

Alliance for Excellent Education
Alliance for Excellent Education

They needed a fast, responsive site that could handle massive traffic spikes. After we delivered the client said, "Wow".

Manhattan Comedy School

Developed robust online presence for comedy school that includes an online ordering process. Focused redesign on SEO and the site now lands in the top results at Google and Bing.

Tiger Deck
Tiger Deck

Migrated site to a Concrete5 platform, updated design to make it fully responsive.

Experienced since 1995

From designing e-commerce systems for Apple, to delivering e-mail blasting tools to hundreds of non-profits, we have the experience your organization needs.

Current projects include developing an online presence for a museum, delivering a responsive website for a small non-profit and managing the SEO for a law firm.

About the Founder
Anthony Cimino started building websites in the mid-90s. His focus is on delivering a wow experience for the client and the end user.

Past Clients Include

Greenpeace USA
Schools That Can
Neuberger & Berman Management
Alliance for Excellent Education
Belluck & Fox
Center for Auto Safety
Public Citizen
Group A Autosports
BAHKO Concrete
Mazzei & Polk
Tiger Deck
and a lot more...

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