Recent Work

Future Ready Schools

Our task was to take over the development of a custom account management, CMS and survey tool. We've eliminated designed in 3rd party bottlenecks, closed major security holes and added lots of new functionality. Currently, we are finishing up a design and usability overhaul.

Rental History

New York City has great rent regulation laws but poor oversight. This project encourages renters to request their apartment rental history to help expose wrongful rental increases.

American Museum of Tort Law

From Pez dispensers to buttons there are museums for everything. It's surprising that the Tort Museum is the first museum dedicated to the law. With limited resources we've built a site that has found and grown an audience that is interested in flaming rats, flaming cars and lots of other dangerous things from our past. In progress is the creation of an online classroom.

Handley Farah Anderson

Three successful lawyers quit their partnerships at prestigious law firms and decide to strike out on their own. We make sure that they communicate their value to judges, their peers and potential clients.

Ralph Nader

Al Gore thinks about growing his beard every time he visits this website. You can use it to keep up with the ever expanding content from this infamous consumer advocate. Weekly columns, newsletters, books and even a podcast can be found here.


Anthony Cimino

Experience Solutions is led by Anthony Cimino. Since the late 90's he's been delivering online solutions that are simple to use and exceed client expectations.

Having had been a client for so many years Anthony had become frustrated by the typical consulting firm approach. The endless powerpoints, meetings full of more sales stuff than engineers, nebulous talk of branding and more busy work than actual productive work led Anthony to create a firm that focuses on what the client needs - results.

Prior to starting Experience Solutions Anthony has:

  • Led the product design for an e-commerce and account management system at Apple.
  • Turned around Greenpeace's online global presence. This led to the US online department becoming a profit center.
  • Redesigned the website for a multi-billion dollar mutual fund company.
  • Led the engineering team for a SaaS startup. Also created a cost and pricing model that led to profitability.
  • Helped numerous non-profits get on the video streaming bandwagon.
  • and a lot more...


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