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Future Ready Schools

The Alliance for Excellent Education hired us to take over a custom application. Our first priority was triage - we cleaned up a lot of broken code and made vast improvements to data integrity and stability of the application. Phase 2 is expanding the application to enable staff to easily access the data they need.


When we inherited the application it lacked basic access controls; anyone could view anyone else's information. Improving security is an ongoing process.


This is a complex application that can easily bury even the most vigilant user. We are systematically going through each aspect of the application to make users more efficient and less confused.

partial client list
  • Greenpeace USA
  • Nader.org
  • Schools That Can
  • NRDC
  • Neuberger & Berman Management
  • Walmart.com
  • Handley Anderson Law Firm
  • Alliance for Excellent Education
  • Belluck & Fox
  • Center for Auto Safety
  • Public Citizen
  • Group A Autosports
  • BAHKO Concrete
  • Mazzei & Polk
  • Tiger Deck
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We've been delivering online solutions that make you go "WOW" since 1997. We're adults, we're honest and we love to make our clients happy.

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American Museum of Tort Law

From Pez dispensers to buttons there are museums for everything. Given that most people think we are a highly litigious society it's surprising that the Tort Museum is the first museum dedicated to the law. The online presence for the museum shows that this is not some abstract, boring subject but rather an engaging one full of flaming cars, flaming rats and lots of things that aren't that combustible.


The online store for the Tort Museum is regularly adjusted to enhance the buying experience and decrease abandoned shopping carts.


Making the esoteric subject of Tort Law appealing to the general public and students is a primary goal of the site. By using a colloquial tone and taking advantage of the museums excellent artwork we've been making visitors understand that a tort is not a torte.

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