Kinda like the Ad Council

07 December 2023

A couple of social media ads I did for the Center for Auto Safety. Results? The Cybertruck one got viewed over 300,000 times in 24 hours and resulted in an article in Rolling Stone.  

QR codes, Slack, Google Sheets… oh my

07 June 2023

We recently launched an app that makes it easy for a sailing club to track issues with their boats. Previously this was done with pen and paper… and good luck deciphering handwriting done on a shaky boat. The Problem: The operations team had a hard time deciphering and tracking issues with the sail boats. Additionally,…

Custom Code for profit

28 April 2023

We write a lot of custom code but we don’t do it for billable hours. Custom code is expensive and it requires care and feeding. Once that code is deployed it needs regular maintenance and adjustment so we only use it when: we know we can support it for years; we know our client can…

2022 Year in Review

23 January 2023

2022 was a good year for us at Experience Solutions. Every client renewed and we added three new ones. Here are some of our client wins: One client got a 95% increase in email subscribers and a 204% increase in web visits thanks to our marketing plans; We helped build a super secret project allows…

Cool projects

23 June 2022

About 7 years ago I reached the point where I only work on cool projects. My definition of cool may vary from yours but what I mean is I no longer take on projects to pay the bills. The “pay the bills” projects tend to never go well and become a drag. I should rephrase…

I hate your website

26 March 2022

The Center for Auto Safety (CAS) is one of our newer clients. Last year we were hired to take over their Vehicle Safety Check application. We rebuilt the application from the ground up. Now it’s much easier, faster and quicker for anyone to learn more about issues with their car and submit complaints about them.…

Online tools for non-profits

15 September 2021

For the past 20+ years I’ve been working primarily with non-profits. About 15 years ago there was a brief window in time where there was a really cool, easy to use and reasonably priced toolkit. I may be biased because I led the team that built it. Unfortunately, now there is a mass consolidation in…

How far can we push WordPress?

16 June 2021

About ten years ago when a client would mention WordPress I’d cringe. It wasn’t good. For the first few years it looked liked a hobby project that got out of hand. There were much better options for CMS needs such as Concrete 5. When WordPress version 4 came out my opinion started to change. Now…

Virtual Tour version 1

12 March 2021

Covid forced many museums to re-think how to bring in visitors. The American Museum of Tort Law (ever seen the movies Erin Brokoveich, The Insider or A Civil Action? If so you have some understanding of tort law.) is one of those museums. Last spring we started with a Zoom based interview series. The subscriber…

Ditching Google Analytics

23 October 2020

I’m not sure when it happened (15 years ago?) when I started treating Google Analytics as a default add-on to every website I built. It was better than processing raw server logs and I could present clients with fancy charts. Everyone loves fancy charts and the code was easy to add. As a bonus it’s…